SOLD: 1967 Airstream Safari - AirBnB Ready!

*** SOLD ***


Google Photo / Video Album Here:

Location: Portland, Arkansas, USA

Note Frame Repairs in 2007 by Previous Owner in description below. No issues after extensive use over the past 15 years.

Here's the perfect AirBnB trailer ready for you to rent and for your guests to enjoy. Updated and re-designed interior layout with the large bed at the front, cute side dinette - the perfect layout for daily use without folding out beds.

Convenient bar style fridge, spacious rear bathroom, and updated kitchen space - note there is no cooktop / stove in this trailer so you don't need to worry about your guests lighting the trailer on fire lol.

Super cute interior with great retro colors - the mood is right !

Priced right and ready. Here's the full history below on the work performed by the previous owner to restore and update this awesome Airstream.


Current owner purchased in August 2018. Previous Owner did the restoration / renovation work. He purchased from the original owner.

Here's the information from the 2nd owner about the condition and work performed on the Safari:

"We bought the trailer from the original owner in 2007. The OO originally used it to travel, then used it as a ranch office and cowboy quarters.

It was outside/uncovered from 1967 to 2007. This is the NW Texas plains, it has some hail dents. You can hardly see them in the pics, but there are some. They polish nice though.

There is no wreck, accident or tree falling damage.

READ: FULL DISCLOSURE! The Original owner bolted an 80lb (yes,80) piece of angle iron and the biggest trailer hitch I’ve ever seen to the back bumper. He pulled a nice sized boat behind it. That resulted in a rear end frame and shell separation. Guess he missed the memo that you don’t pull boats with an A/S.

I had to have the best welding shop here fortify the frame behind the axle then I fortified the rear shell channel and re-bolted the shell and flooring to the frame with grade 8 bolts. Lots of work and expense!

The trailer has traveled thousands of miles and eleven years with no sign of a problem. You’ll also see a small patch on the street side directly behind the wheel. There was a crinkle in the skin from that sag.

A new black tank enclosure was custom made for the tank.

You’ll also note a patch below the awning rail. The kitchen vent went there, but had to be removed for the new Zip-Dee awning I installed in April ‘18.

The door has a new stainless door pin. Door opens and closes nicely. Both latches work as intended.

All windows are glass and intact. Opening hardware was cleaned and greased in ‘07. New weatherstrip all around. I know that sounds like the weatherstrip is 11 yrs old and must be replaced, but we’ve never opened the windows. They’re water tight and we want them to stay that way.

We’ll demonstrate that the hardware works, but won’t open the windows. I have the screens, but have never used them. I remember that at least one needs rescreening. They’re not bent or unusable. We open the main door and use the door screen to let air in. (I know, we’re odd!)

The new Fantastic Fan is great for that. Also any galley/bathroom heat or odor doesn’t last long with that fan. Pro polished in ‘07 and maintained with California Purple since. Could use a “blue or green bar” last stage repolish at some point.

Interior sub floor is all solid and original. No weak or soft spots. New floating laminate flooring. I think I covered the wood and cabinetry in the main ad.

A/C: New 13000BTU Dometic. You can add a heat strip for $50.00. (+/-)

Tons of storage everywhere! Plastic covered tubs (that actually fit) are under the bed.

Kitchen and bath countertops are custom made. (by me). Faucets are high end at the direction of my wife.

Belly pan is all present. It has been patched a few times, but it’s all there.

Bathroom shower curtain is custom made from the original with liner and curtain. Original rail. Custom fitted bath rug and mat that pretty much match the curtain. Bath floor is solid. You’ll be assured of that because there is no floor covering. I painted and stained the sub floor to match the kitchen countertop.

New PEX lines in ‘07. Those don’t wear out.

It’s 30 amp. I’ve had the WH, A/C, fridge and Fantastic Fan on all at once. No tripped breakers.

500 miles on new tires and new torsion axle from Andy at Inland RV. The new weight distribution and anti sway hitch (included)

No leaks in the Black tank. Vintage trailers don’t have a grey tank unless they’re aftermarket.

Manufacturer: Airstream
Style: Travel Trailer
Model and Layout: Safari 22
Length: 22
Title Status: Clear Title
Condition - Select all that apply:
Partial Restoration
Full Restoration
Ready to Camp
Exterior body condition, dents or scrapes, any panel replacements, hail damage?: -
Windows, Doors, Hatch Covers, Vent Covers, Skylights, Roof Fans..: -
Frame Condition - Any weakness? Visible signs of rust?: -
Awnings - Number and location:: -
Interior Layout - Sleeping, Kitchen, Bathroom locations: -
Interior Hard Surfaces: Walls, Counters, Doors: -
Interior Soft Surfaces - Material / Cushions / Fabrics / Curtains: -
Bathroom Style and Condition - - Wet Bath? Bath Tub? Shower?: -
Appliances - Fridge, Furnace, Stove/Oven, Microwave: -
Plumbing System - Hot water heater, Sinks and taps, Toilet, Water Pump, Tanks and sizes: -
Sub Floor and Floor Coverings: -
Air Conditioning? Number and Location?: -
Electrical System - Service type, Converter / Inverter, Solar? : -
LP - Propane System - Tanks / Regs / Hoses - Condition?: -
Trailer Weight and Tongue Weight: -
Rolling Gear - Tires / Brakes / Bearings - Age, Condition, Service History: -
Signal and Marker Lights Working? Pigtail Cable? Ready to Tow?: -
Accessories Included with Sale?: -
Current Registration?: No
Direct Contact email or Phone Number:
Any additional owner comments?: -
Listing created May 7, 2022

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