Location: Mount Juliett, Tennessee

All information as provided by the current owner.

Manufacturer: Airstream

Style: Travel Trailer

Model Year: 2000

Model Description: Excella

Model Size and Layout: 28 Ft.

VIN or Serial Number: 1STJEYM2XYJ513487

What is the Title status?: Clear Title

Ownership History: Shorewood RV, Amoka, MN

When did you purchase?: 2005 August

Why did you choose this model?: We felt it would be a great serve as a great spare bedroom for family and friends visiting us in MN. It also had plenty of storage when we traveled.

For all but the last few years, our Airedale, Penny traveled with us from Florida to the Canadian Rockies and many. Even people that were afraid of dogs loved Penny. We don't smoke and to the best of my knowledge no one ever has.

Manufacturer: Airstream
Style: Travel Trailer
Model: 2000 Airstream Excella 28 - Rear Twin
Length: 28
Title Status: Clear Title
Condition - Select all that apply:
Partial Restoration
Full Restoration
Ready to Camp
Exterior body condition: Note any dents or scrapes, any panel replacements, hail damage?: There are a couple of dents and some hail damage. The one dent is in the stone shields and the other is in the front, top front. That dent has been there since we purchased the trailer. Up until the last two years I've waxed the Airstream twice a year so other than oxidation on the Airstream lettering there aren't a lot of scratches. The plastic on the rear bumper is showing their age but there isn't really a problem. There is some rust on the tow portion of the trailer but nothing that a wire brush and a little paint can't fix. The cover on the propane tank needs painting. Hail Damage: There is hail damage on the top and upper the street side panels that I'd describe as mostly not visible from the ground. We did have to replace the skylights. There is damage to the Airstream lettering on the trailer. There is also one small place around the dent on the upper street side dent there the clear coat has pealed put has not changed in years.
Windows, Doors, Hatch Covers, Vent Covers, Skylights, Roof Fans..: At some point someone tried to pry open the front door, but it was that way when we purchased the trailer. The door seals tight and we haven't had any problems but again I'd consider replacing the seal because it is showing ware. Locks work great.The windows are all original and the seals are not a problem, but I would consider replacing them. Since the windows haven't been opened since last fall some may be difficult to open. There are two skylights on in the living area and the other in the bath area. As previously stated, both have been replaced. There are shades on each of the skylights. There are three vents. A small vent in the bath. There is a fantastic fan in the living area and one in the bedroom. Both have sensers that allow them to close in it starts raining. Hatch covers are in good shape. I'm not aware of any problems.
Awnings: Number and location:: There is one awning on the length of the curb side of the trailer that works fine and there isn't any damage. A little faded but not other problems.
Interior Layout: Sleeping, Kitchen, Bathroom locations: Two single beds and the couch pulls out to what I think is the size of a standard bed. There are two fold down tables by the couch. Ine larger of the two will seat 4 people and the smaller will seat two.The entrance door is in the front, and you enter into the living area. The couch folds out into a bed. The table that is on the street side of the Airstream can seat 4. There is also a small table that folds out from the other side of the trailer so you can seat up to 6 people. There is a counter for a TV next to the microwave, but we always put the TV on top of the microwave. There is a very small tare in the couch, but you can't find it unless you're looking for it. There is a TV connection for both the antenna and satellite. The Microwave, stove, oven and refrigerator work great. I've learned over the years to put freezer packs in the freezer and refrigerator when first turning them on. Gets them up and running more quickly. There is an under the sink water filter system for drinking water. The only problem in the kitchen area is the paint on the kitchen sink has worn away on the sink bottom. It's a stainless sink so I'm not sure why it was painted. The bath area is fine and the water heater operate on gas or electric. My wife has bad knees so I replaced the standard commode with a higher one several years ago. I also replaced the shower head last year because of poor waterflow. There are also two closets and drawers for storage in the bath area. There are also doors on each side of the bath so it can be closed off for privacy. The bedroom area has two single beds and the mattresses are only a few years old. There are also small cabinets at the foot of each of the beds for hanging things like shirts and slack. There are is under the bed storage and additional storage along the top of the trailer. There are mirrors in all of the closet doors. The street side can be lifted to provide access to the valves for the hot water tank when winterizing/de-winterizing the Airstream.
Interior Hard Surfaces: Walls, Counters, Doors: The pocket doors on both side of the bath area are in good condition. All cabinet, closet and storage doors are in good condition. Interior Hard Surfaces Condition: Don't remember and issues with countertops. The carpeted walls are all in good condition.
Interior Soft Surfaces: Cushions / Fabrics / Curtains: Mattresses are only a few years old and in good condition. There is one small tare in the couch but unless you're looking for it you can't see it. The window treatments are all original and I don't remember any problems. The shades on the sunlight's are also original and function well.
Bathroom Style and Condition: Wet Bath? Bath Tub? Shower?: Shower is in good condition and the handheld shower head is in good condition and in good condition.
Appliances: Fridge, Furnace, Stove/Oven, Microwave - Description and Operating Condition?: There is a three-burner stove and an over that operate off the unit's propane tanks. Refrigerator: Dometic but sure about the model but they are original and will run off the unit's propane or external electric. When the external power is disconnected it automatically switches over to propane. Furnace / Space Heater: Forced air, propane. Microwave is original and makes great popcorn.
Plumbing System - Hot water heater, Sinks and taps, Toilet, Water Pump, Tanks and sizes: Plumbing is original and there aren't any issues I'm aware of. Hot Water Heater: Water is original and operates great. It can be operated off of external electric or propane. Sinks and Taps: Sinks are all original. There is a small crack in the bathroom sink that has been there since we purchased the Airstream. Fresh Water Tank: 40 gallons, I think. There is a small dent in the tank that has been there since we purchased the trailer.
Sub Floor and Floor Coverings: Description and Condition: There aren't any holes or soft spots in the floor that I'm aware of. There is carpeting throughout the trailer, except in the bath area. The carpeting is in good shape and had been shampooed at least once a year since we've owned the Airstream. The tile in the bath is showing some ware and could be replaced. Floor Coverings: The carpet in the living area and bedroom is in good condition because I've shampooed it at least once a year since we purchased the trailer. Tile in the bath should probably be replaced.
Air Conditioning? Number and Location?: Roof to AC and heat pump. It isn't always reliable and sometimes trips the circuit breaker. I would replace the unit if I was going to keep the Airstream.
Electrical System - Service type, Converter / Inverter, Solar? : One 30 amp connection point and is original. No Solar.
LP - Propane System - Tanks / Regs / Hoses - Condition?: The propane tanks were recertificated two years ago. There has never been a problem so all parts are original and well maintained.
Frame Condition: Any weakness? Visible signs of rust?: There is a little rust but as previously stated nothing that a wire brush and a little paint can't fix. The rear bumper is structurally fine. The plastic end covers are showing wear but not a problem. Overall Frame Condition: The frame is structurally fine and I'm not aware of any rust problems. Belly Pan: Not aware of any problems.
Trailer Weight and Tongue Weight: 6700 LBS DRY, 680 HITCH, 8200 GVWR
Rolling Gear: Tires / Brakes / Bearings - Age, Condition, Service History: 2 axles. Both are original but I had to have one straitened about 12 years ago. Tire Sizes, Age and Condition: Not sure. Brakes and Hubs: Brakes are original and been well maintained. Last services 2021. Wheel Bearings: Wheel bearings were replaced May 2021 and have been replaces or serviced evert 2 years since we've owned the trailer. Trailer Emergency Breakaway Cable: Worked the last time I tested it. The cable and box were replaced several years ago. Hitch Receiver Size?: 2 5/16" Safety Chains?: In place and in good condition.
Signal and Marker Lights Working? Pigtail Cable? Ready to Tow?: All in good working order.
Accessories Included with Sale?: The sewer hoses and connectors are in the drawer under the rear bumper and sewer hose support is in the rear compartment. Water hoses are also in the rear storage compartment. Dishes, glasses, silverware and kitchen towels are also available if interested. The wheel bocks and wheel covers are also included if interested as well as a 50' 20amp extension cord. If the price of the trailer is right I'll also include a 50' 30amp extension cord and a Progressive Industries SSP-30XL surge protector and lockable cable to secure the surge protector.
Current Registration?: Yes
Direct Contact email or Phone Number:
Any additional owner comments?: We originally purchased our Airstream as a spare bedroom when my stepson and his two teenage children moved into our home in MN. After they moved out, we had 3 spare bedrooms. When friends and family would come to visit, I'd always say; "You can stay in this bedroom or that bedroom or stay in the Airstream". Not a single person ever chose to stay in the house. What a shock. The best thing we ever did was join the MN Airstream club. We learned so much about our Airstream, had many great adventures, saw things we would never have seen on our own and made many friends. On one caravan to Medora, ND, for a region 7 rally, we spent the night in Fargo. We were treated to an old-time silent movie in a fully restored movie theater that had a magnificent organ that raised from below the stage floor to play beautiful music for our MN Airstream group. Of course, a Coke and popcorn were also included. If you buy our Airstream, I hope you have as many great adventures and memories as my wife and I had. Safe travels!
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