Airstream Hunter Price Check


Buy and Sell with confidence knowing your price is right for the current market conditions with our Price Check service

  • We research current comparable trailers for sale
  • We research recent comparable trailers sold
  • We adjust for your local market conditions
  • We adjust for market timing
  • We adjust for market trends
  • We recommend a list price range to achieve desired time to sell

We call you to discuss price research and recommendations AND .. since the market is always evolving, we also include a 30 day price checkup if your trailer has not sold.

Listing created Oct 27, 2019

Public discussion (3)

Laurie K

9 months ago

Would this service benefit a buyer?

Laurie Koehler


9 months ago

Yes this is valuable for both buyers and sellers.

Laurie K

9 months ago

Okay, great. I will buy this service next month.

Thank you

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